Saturday, April 11, 2009

I've been up to Toronto and back for another week.

The poetry class went well–I think. I used a little too much from Nick Cave’s, ‘The Secret Life of a Love Song’, lecture in the last class. Nick Cave can be a little...intense if you're not ready for him. It’s definitely more for a college and up audience. I recommend the lecture to both writers and music enthusiasts. And his accompanying shorter lecture, The Flesh Made Word.

As it turns out, even after the divorce, and annulment, a romantic was still hidden in my heart and he had the gall to show himself during the poetry class. I beat him back down but he seems to think that it’s worth the pain, and that it’s better to feel that than to feel nothing at all . . . masochist.

I sent out the query letters Thursday morning and received a response from one of the agents in the afternoon. I sent him the manuscript and will call him Monday.

If you’re looking for an agent I discovered this site: You enter in your geographical area, and the type of writing you do, and it seeks out agents for you. The one that got back to me came up on that site and I'd met him years ago at a Media Bistro event in Toronto. I didn’t really have anything to present him then, but we talked for a while about the industry. He was a very nice guy.

Now it’s now down to patience, perseverance, prayers and preparation for the next round: more writing, research and study.

If I cross my fingers any tighter they might snap right off.

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