Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One from high school

This is one that I wrote when I was attending Prince Edward Collegiate Institute, in Picton. I was 17 when I wrote it.
I share it in honour of my last week as writer-in-residence at James Cardinal Mcguigan, the courage the students there showed in reading and submitting their pieces, and the hard work they put into creating them. They inspire me.


There it is
Can you hear it?
You must.
There, there it is again
You have to hear it, you…
You don’t.

Oh, nevermind.

Copyright © Colin Frizzell 1989. All rights reserved.


  1. Ha! And you kept this? Well done. Certainly captures that age.

  2. Thanks. I kept a lot of my old stuff, I'm just a little afraid to reread most of it.