Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Touch of Hollywood @ the Hear/Hear Reading Series.

I had a wonderful night last night at the Free Times Café. We even had a touch of Hollywood with the surprise appearance of Will Patton(pictured at side), who was in the audience sitting almost right beside me. All the authors (as seen below: Andrew Daley, Rebecca Rosenblum, and Mariko Tamaki) readings were great. Though my own was a wee bit dodgy, I am tragically out of practice and I think my Mojo went on vacation without me. But it’s not about me; it’s about the program, making people aware of it, gaining support for it, while allowing a platform for the writers involved to share their work. And it did all those things wonderfully. The crew at Now Hear This: Mark Laliberte, Katie Franklin, Katie Mercer, and Jennifer De Visser, did a great job. And Jennifer De Visser was a spectacular MC. Thanks again to all involved and all who were in attendance at the reading, including Will Patton. To learn more about the Hear/Hear Reading Series, Now Hear This and the Students, Writers and Teachers program please visit:

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