Thursday, September 17, 2009


I saw this show last night, Poetry in Motion 25. There was an interview Charles Bukowski(Barfly). He talked about the guilt and shame that comes with being a writer and giving yourself permission to write. Who are you to fancy yourself a writer? Who are you to think anything you say matters? Who are you? Who is anyone?
He also talked about how he used to write six poems a night. I remember once hearing Lou Reed say that Andy Warhol would make him write something like six songs a days for the Velvet Underground at 'The Factory' in New York. It was a product to be produced and marketed. I think it helped to give the Velvet Underground their raw quality.
Point is if you want to be a writer, write.
It's work.
It's hard work.
This will be my seventh blog entry today.
Then I'm going to work on a short story I'm rewriting.
I used to have a thing above my desk from the Artist's Way by Julia Cameron:
"God, I'll take care of the quantity you take care of the quality."
It's a process.
Everything is process.
Process for progress.
My faith has always helped.
Not that I've been an angel by any stretch of any one's imagination, but I have a very forgiving God.
He only judges me as I judge others and I try to only judge others by the standards they set for those around them. Which really annoys some people I can tell you. People can be judged by anyone standards but their own.
Anyway, I'm a far cry from Lou Reed or Charles Bukowski, and this isn't a song or a poem, but it makes seven posts. And if you can't learn something from the methods of legends, then where can you?

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