Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!

May it be a year where we each take ourself a little less seriously and rediscover simple pleasures:
giving and receiving hugs
sharing the things that bring us joy
fresh baked cookies
being there for someone when they need us, having someone who we know will always be there
long walks
Everything isn’t a battle, everyone doesn’t need to agree with you and sometimes two people can have different opinions and both be right, or both be wrong.
If we hurt someone, physically or emotionally, may we find the courage and the strength to say we’re sorry and mean it because we care about the discomfort we caused.
May we find the humility to accept sincere apologies when they’re given to us.
We shouldn’t expect others to be perfect until we are: and we will never be.
May we respect and celebrate other cultures and creeds for all we can learn from them. May greed and apathy fade away and life, in all its many forms, mean more to us then . . . anything.
I see it written on the walls of the schools, hear it said in church, and know it's right when someone who justifies thoughtlessness and indifference gets upset when someone is thoughtless or indifferent toward them.
May the year be one of love, support and mutual understanding. A little more laughter, fewer tears, and deeper feelings, especially empathy. And may we learn to communicate and respect truth so that the word might once again have meaning.

Copyright © Colin Frizzell 2009. All rights reserved.

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