Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve.
Memories fall like snow.
People I knew, times and places that seem imaged.
Everything was real in innocence.
The world new, alive;
every turn of the wind had meaning in it.
I look to the sky,
wishing for a star to guide.
Praying for salvation.
Hoping for a savior.
Someone to led us back to the beginning,
when our hearts beat with promise
and all things were possible.
Ecstasy could be found in a touch,
or, welcoming smile.
Wonder shone like the bulbs on the tree.
The light in her eyes brightened the whole world.
Angels sang and children laughed.
So many things have happened since then.
We lost the energy to shine
and the world fell back into darkness.
When you’re scared,
you say and do the stupidest things.
Words become harsh and meaningless—
as all words are.
Words can never be truth:
honesty is in the emotion behind them.
So lets let the hurtful utterances melt away,
like snow in the spring.
Let the sun shine warm again.
Let flowers grow
from seed;
buried under
the snow
that fell
like memories,
on Christmas Eve.

Copyright © Colin Frizzell 2010. All rights reserved.

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