Friday, September 20, 2013


When I was in my late 20′s I decided to learn to play the guitar. I had many false starts before that, even getting lessons when I was barely old enough to hold a guitar and then trying again in my late teens. 
I always had an interest in, and love for, music and lyrics but very little discipline. The discipline came with age, I reckon. I started to play and then to try and write songs, just for another form of creative expression. I also found that playing helped me in my fiction writing, also. I don't know exactly how, but it did.  
In 2011 I got together with long time friend George Vaughan for a musical session . George and I had been friends since we were kids, growing up in the same area and having gone to school together from elementary through post secondary at Loyalist College of Applied Arts and Technology
George is the host of the Saturday Night Blues Review on 91X Alternative Radio, and has a tremendous voice of his own; one that I, and everyone who has heard it, felt he should be sharing with the world. There's more to the story, as there is to all good stories, but rather than me yammering on I'll just let you listen to the music. :) 
Here’s a few songs—from what turned into 2 separate sessions—including a cover Thompson Twins’ Hold Me Now, and another with special guest guitarist, Darcie Kingsman (owner of Seed of Life, landscape design).
Sorry for the poor quality of the recordings.

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