Saturday, January 18, 2014

Writing and Money

After a presentation I did in front of a large 80+ group of elementary school students, for the Toronto Public Library, one of the students ran up to me afterwards with a small group in tow. They looked so excited I couldn't help but feel like a bit of a celebrity.
"So," she said, "are you, like, rich?" 
"No," I said.
"Oh," she said. 
Her and her friends turned their backs on me and walked away.

I was reminded of that autobiographical story this morning after reading an article in The Guardian about how little writers get paid. And we do, most of us. I'm going to save my tirade on the subject since it would be set off by the comments section and not the article. Anyway, read and enjoy. If you are thinking of becoming a writer, consider. If you are driven to write then nothing is going to stop you so read and prepare. 

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