Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I just found this on another site and really liked it so I wanted to share.

A Catholic Clergyman whose name escapes me was lured unsuccessfully into a war of semantics. He was asked the question, "You believe that your God is the One, True God, correct?"
"Yes," he replied.
"And so the Allah of the Muslims is a false god?"
"No, he is the same god."
"Ah, but they have it wrong.You are more correct than they, for if they were more correct, you would be worshipping their god, being a rational man."
The clergyman stopped for a moment, and then spoke:
"We stand at the edges of a vast, circular ballroom. In the centre, suspended from the ceiling, is the most beautiful chandelier ever created. It not only provides light and heat, it also allows us to see one another, and interact as equals. Each of us, where we stand, see a different aspect of that same chandelier. None is more correct than the other. We choose to view that part of the chandelier, because that aspect is pleasing to us, or actually more pleasing than any other part."
"Oh, and what of those who do not believe in God?"
"Then there are some who choose to not look at the light at all."

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