Sunday, April 5, 2009

Yesterday was writing in the morning; helping Mom out at Home Hardware’s grand opening in the afternoon. She bought new flooring for me to later install—yes, I do renovations, too. I don’t know if I do them well; but I do, do them. Any creative outlet. I also like the ripping and tearing; or burning things when I work in the yard—it helps to sooth the savage beast within.

Last night, I worked at Angelo’s restaurant.

This morning, writing again. Then I ironed some of my “new” shirts while watching the British version of Wife Swap. I’d never seen it before; but the wives being swapped were a model and a country girl, hence, it appealed to both body and soul.

After that it was off to Mass for contemplation and reflection. It’s the most peaceful hour of my week and it helps me regenerate.

Then back to Home Hardware, to help Mom get some latex paint, which I’ll later lather over the 70’s panelling that has served us so well—parting is such sweet sorrow.

Special thanks to Cole—who has been helping me with renovations since we were 12 years-old and fixed-up The Old Bus.

Now I’m back at Miss Lily’s for more writing, researching, blogging and coffee drinking before I head to the restaurant for serving.

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