Friday, April 3, 2009

Shopping and the 3 R's

Okay so between the 6:30 am – 12:30 am day yesterday (including the 3 hour drive from T.O. to The County) and the less then three hours sleep (much less considering how many times my cat, Zsu Zsu, whacked me on the nose demanding me to wake up and give her the attention she had missed when I was away) and the on the road by 7:30 am start time this morning, I’m kind-of-glad I don’t have to be at the restaurant tonight.
I did, however, find the time and energy to do some spur of the moment shopping in the middle-of-the-day (over an extended lunch break). I got myself a whole new wardrobe — inside of two hours, no less. Now, I’m not really a clothes kind-of-guy. To me, clothes are just the things I put on so I don’t get arrested when I go out in public. But today, I went all out: two pair of jeans, spring/fall jacket (with a guy displaying various cheeses on front, and the name Jean on the sleeve), a trench coat with removable liner (so I can flash people in the summer and winter), black puffy vest thing with hide-a-way rain hood; dress shirts: Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Van Heusen, Dockers ect., and a few sweaters from various designers. Now how, you ask, could a Canadian writer afford such an extravagant shopping spree? Well, I’ll tell you: the Hospital Auxiliary Shop. Stuffed it all into one garbage bag; got the lot for 8 bucks. Reduces the waste going to landfills, and the money goes to a good cause. Just like Jack Johnson says on the Curious George soundtrack: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
And I gained a whole new respect for people who go on daylong shopping sprees for clothes. Those two hours just about killed me. The first say half-hour to an hour was kind-of-fun, after that . . . not so much.

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