Sunday, May 31, 2009


I was raised in Cressy. Where is Cressy? Well . . . Cressy is in The County. The County was the last place that God made when he created the earth. He waited until the eighth day, after he had a chance to rest. From Heaven he looked down on creation with fresh eyes and saw that something was missing; that’s how The County came about. That’s why you can see it so clearly on any world map—it’s the bit that's out on its own in Lake Ontario. Cressy sits at the most southeast part of The County.
You see, after God finished The County he said to Himself, “God,” he said, “it’s still not quite right.”
Then, with the final stroke of His divine brush, Cressy was made. And though you can’t still see the brush, it’s there. So that’s where Cressy is . . . at the tip of God’s brush.

Copyright © Colin Frizzell 2009. All rights reserved.

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