Monday, June 8, 2009

"I am" instead of "I do"?

I tended bar at a wedding reception last Saturday night. During the speeches I got to talking to my fellow bartenders, Crystal and David, about how weddings are all about love—or they’re supposed to be—and how true love is dependant on honesty. So, in the spirit of that honesty, and in light of the current North American divorce rate, I suggested that some new “vows” might be in order; at the end of which the bride and groom to be would say, “I am” instead of, “I do”. . . ;)

“Do you [insert name here] realize that you are entering into a life-long obligation that you have only a 46% chance of actually fulfilling; and that there is a 54% chance that it will end in sheer bloody misery. In fact, even if you do make it, the odds are pretty good that it’ll still end in sheer bloody misery. Are you an idiot?”

“I am.”

Crystal called me a romantic.

I reckoned that if you can get someone to agree to it on those terms, you’ve got yourself a keeper. Facing reality, overcoming it and laughing at it together: keys to any healthy long-lasting relationship. :)

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  1. Yes, certainly romantic. That is what makes you a good writer.

    Interesting, following your blog, from romantic musings in a poem - to a very solid opinion on marriage.

  2. I believe in love, I just believe in a love that has its eyes open and deals with the life through laughter and faith—while still allowing some tears; acknowledging what it’s up against so you don’t expect perfection. I think people are capable overcoming almost problem that they’re willing to face—together.

    Laughter is the wind beneath the wings of love. :)